Useful Information

What is Natty Jake's Vintage Market?

Natty Jake's is a marketplace website dedicated to all things vintage and retro.
It acts as a hub for lovers of vintage items to buy and sell in a simple and cost effective way, just like a street market but without the rain.
It's easy to set up your own shop and it's pretty cheap too.

What do I need to buy/sell on Natty Jake's?

If you just want to buy on Natty Jake's then all you need is a Paypal account.
If you haven't got one already then it's really easy and great for buying stuff on the web.
Have a look at

As part of your Natty Jake's account you get your own shop page, if you only want to buy from our market and don't want to set up a shop don't worry, no one else can see your shop page while it is empty.
However, should you wish to start selling in the future, your shop is there waiting for you.
If you want to sell on Natty Jake's you will need some quality vintage stock, a digital camera, some simple computer software to neaten up your photos and a Paypal account.

Setting up a shop is easy - as soon as you have registered and signed in you can start uploading photos.
You can have your own banner logo and write up on your shop page.
If you have a physical shop or market stall you can put the details here too.

What does it cost?

We've really tried to make Natty Jake's as easy to use as possible - and that includes the costs.
As an introductory offer and by way of a thankyou to the early adopters of this website all listings will be FREE all the way up to 1st January 2017.
Stock that is uploaded during the free offer period will remain up and without charge for a further 3 months until April 2017.

From April 2017 onwards all newly uploaded items will be charged at a rate of 10p (ten British pennies) for 3 months.
You will receive a monthly bill by email which you can pay by paypal.

When an item sells we will charge a 2% transaction fee on the total cost (price of item plus shipping costs) and Paypal will charge 3.4% plus 20p (at time of writing) on the total cost too.
As an example, if you sell something for £ 45 and charge £ 5 shipping, you will receive £ 47.10 in your paypal account.

If you are used to market trading then you've probably knocked off a fiver here or a tenner there, so taking off £ 2.90 on a £ 45 item won't come as a great shock.
You should always price your items on Natty Jake's to account for these costs, that way you will always be happy with what you get.

Registering with Natty Jake's

Registering is easy, you need to think of a user name - if you want to sell on Natty Jake's then this will be your shop name too.
So if you have an existing business it makes sense to use that name here.
It can be several words but with a total of no more than 30 characters long.

Then you need to choose a password - we're fed up with having loads of different passwords for different sites too but there's no way around it and we want your shop and our website to be safe and secure.
You will have to pick a password that is between 8 and 30 characters long - the longer and more confusing the better.
Now here's the thing, we have done a lot of research on site security and please believe us when we say your password probably isn't good enough. If your password consists of English words then there are hacker programs out there that will crack it in no time - mix it up with numbers and special characters, this makes it much more secure.
And here's the other thing - how to remember what your password is? Well, we can't help you - for security reasons we don't have a copy of your password - so if you forget it we can't tell you what it is.
If you do forget your password, email us and we will issue you with a new one but this will not be an automated service (for security reasons), we will check your details manually so there could be a delay. And here we break with common security practices when we say WRITE IT DOWN! Yes, we're so used to being told NOT to write down PIN numbers and stuff but website passwords are different - hackers are trying to crack stuff from remote places - they are not going to break into your house and rifle through your papers to get into your Natty Jake's account. Write it down and put it away somewhere you'll remember. Thanks.

Finally, we ask for an email address - this is used to verify your details with us (we send you an email which you must reply to before you can start using
It is important that this email address is the same as your paypal email address otherwise you won't be able to buy or sell anything on Natty Jake's. If you haven't already got a paypal account, setting one up is really easy.

Setting Up My Shop

Setting up your own shop on Natty Jake's is pretty easy and you can do it in small stages if you prefer.
Every new shop is given a basic (and rather dull) banner to show you where your (much nicer) personalised one will go.
Your banner must be 900 pixels wide by 120 pixels high and can be a logo, picture or combination of the two.
Whatever you choose try to convey your shop's identity - your banner will give you a unique presence on this site.
If you really don't have the tools to make a banner then we will do our best to make one for you, email us with an idea of what you want and we'll take it from there.

You will need to write a short strapline for your shop which can be no longer than 100 characters - choose something that briefly sums up your shop.
Next you have 1000 characters to play with to write about your shop in a bit more detail.
If you have a special interest in a particular era or style - let people know here.
If you have a physical shop or do a regular market stall you can put the details in this bit too.

We also ask that you tell people your town and which country you are in - this helps people place you
and determines whether they need the international shipping option when they make a purchase.

Uploading Items To My Shop

Before you start uploading make sure you have all the details to hand and that you have at least one suitably prepared photo ready.

Sign in, hover over 'Account' and click on the 'My Shop' option (top right of screen). The My Shop page has a banner across the top (which you can personalise), information about your shop on the left, and a display area to the right for your stock.
Click on the button 'Add a new item here'.

Now you will be guided through the Natty Jake's Visual Search Engine to categorise your item in just 6 clicks.
This will help buyers find your items quickly when our database gets really large.

First choose which department your item belongs in Ladies Vintage, Gents Vintage or Vintage Textiles.
Then there are a series of images designed to help you tell us about the item - all you do is click on the right bit.
So if you've got a small brown felt hat from the 40's (then lucky you) all you have to do is click HEADWARE on the first image, EARTH TONES on the second image, SMALL on the third, WOOLS on the fourth and 40'S on the last image.

The last category - the era or style category - is often the hardest so we have provided a skip button if you are not sure.
Either way these are pretty general descriptions of the item and if you are not entirely sure which to click on just go for the one you think is the nearest.

The next step is to upload your photos.
You can upload up to 4 pictures of your item, these need to have been cropped and optimized to reduce file size for uploading - see Tips For Photos below.
Once you have uploaded all your photos click on the button "Write Description" to add written details to your listing.

You can add a detailed description including measured size, makers name, quality of fabric etc in the next section where you have 1000 characters to play with. Please include the condition of the item in the description too.

Give your item a brief title (not more than 30 characters) and put in the price and shipping costs. If you do not want to offer international Shipping then leave that box blank.

Your item is now on our database and will appear in your shop and on any relevant searches that people browsing the site may do.
To add another picture to this item go to My Shop, find the thumbnail of the item in your shop window and click on it and you will be shown the item in detail.
Click on the button 'Edit Images' and upload more images or change the primary image here.

Please Note :- when you are looking at an item in your shop you will see a slightly different view than someone else looking at the same item in your shop. They will see all the photo's you have uploaded together, whereas you will only see the first picture - but you can see all the pictures on the 'Edit Images' page.

Tips for Photos

Photos are important on Natty Jake's - this is a visual medium and in our experience
Vintage clothes and 'love at first sight' go hand in hand.

You can upload up to 4 photos of your item.
For clothes we recommend one for the front, one for the back maybe a side shot and one for that special bit of detail, maybe it's got great buttons, a cool label or beautiful embroidery.

You may have some Photoshop type software that will enhance your pictures and more importantly reduce file size.
You will almost certainly need to crop the picture so that the item fills the frame, adjust the brightness
and contrast to give it a little lift and optimize it to reduce the file size to below 1MB.
If you have photoshop - set the cropping tool to Width 350 px Height 350px and resolution 72ppi - this will give you a perfect fit.

You will also need to make sure your pictures are saved as jpg or JPEG which most cameras do these days anyway.

If you have broadband you can use a free online optimizer to do all of these tasks.
Try out any of the following links:

Web Resizer or Image Optimizer

If you can recommend any free photo software then let us know at and we will add it to this page.

Tips for Shipping

We've shipped stuff all over the world and had the odd sleepless night over it too.
We understand that the buyer wants to pay as little as possible for the shipping but here's our advice :- Don't go for the cheap option and charge properly for the costs.

If you want stuff to arrive the next day then it's hard to beat Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day it starts at about £ 6 and is guaranteed to arrive before 1pm.
They also supply you with strong plastic bags to put it in (ask nicely at your local Post Office and they will give you some to take home).

International Shipping can be confusing but £ 25 will cover most small packages to USA, Canada and Australia on a 5 day signed for Air Mail service from the Post Office.
Unfortunately we can't recommend their International Surface Mail service, which is ridiculously good value until you realise it can take up to 60 days (and once took over 80 days) to arrive.

If you can recommend any parcel services then let us know at and we will add it to this page.

Terms and Conditions

Members of must agree to the following terms and conditions. is to be used solely for the purpose of buying and selling vintage and retro items. acts solely as a facilitator between buyer and seller.
As such, is not responsible for the content supplied by members.

The seller is responsible for the transfer of ownership of goods.
The seller should despatch goods within 3 working days of payment unless otherwise agreed with the buyer.
The seller is responsible for administering refunds where applicable.
The buyer and seller are responsible for the settling of disputes over goods bought on

In using members must abide by domestic and, where applicable, international laws.

All information supplied to must be truthful and accurate.

Any content supplied by members to which is deemed offensive or unwelcome by the administrators of will be removed.

The administrators of reserve the right to cancel membership from anyone deemed to have breached any of the above terms and conditions.

Cookies and Privacy

You have visited because you love vintage clothes and textiles and we want you to enjoy the experience as much as a good old rummage in a jumble sale.
So we want you to feel safe and cosy in our vintage world.

Therefore, we promise:

Never to pass on your details to third parties.

Never to send you unwarranted emails.

Never to put third party adverts on our site.


We do not use tracking cookies or store anything on your computer after your visit is over.
We only use session cookies to help you navigate the website - these are destroyed when you close the browser window.
If cookies are not enabled on your browser we will not be able to securely guide you around our marketplace and you will not be able to sign in.

... and finally...

We are delighted to announce we bank ethically with the Co-Operative Bank.
Our Databases are held on UK Servers and we use secure encryption to send data over the internet.

Contact us

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