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60's and 70's gear for those not afraid of nylon....


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Sixties Trouser Suit
1960's Maxi Dress
Sixties Boho Kaftan
Linen Jacket 1970's
Sixties Wool Crepe Mini
1960's Paisley Dress
Sixties Hat
60's Straw Hat
60's Crimplene Dress
Sixties Roll Neck Top
60's Dress
Vintage St Michaels Blouse
St Michael Crimplene Paisley Dress
1970's Boho
1940's Style
Full Length Sleeveless Dress
1970's Coat
70's Travona
1960's Paisley Blouse
Mod Dress
Studded Beret
Sixties Blouse
70's Knitted Dress
60's Mod Dress