Wooden Buttons

Celebrating the beauty of wood on a small scale

We make wooden buttons from beautiful English hardwoods and recycled timber.
We only make a small number of each design
and everything is hand made in our Wiltshire workshop.
We aim to cater for textile designer/makers, knitters and other crafts people looking for a special decorative button to enhance their work.
All Buttons are eased on the reverse so they slip nicely through a button hole and the thread holes are chamfered to prevent thread wear.
If you have any special requirements leave a message here or drop us a line at woodenbuttons@hotmail.co.uk.


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Zebrano Wood Buttons
Large Buttons
Holly Buttons
English Walnut Buttons
Laburnum Wood
Damson Wood
Walnut - Large Classic Shape
Cherry - Large Classic Shape
Oak - Large Classic Shape
Laburnum - Large Classic Shape
Large Burr Elm
Walnut Toggles
Carved Buttons
Carved Leaf Buttons
Carved Buttons
Cherry Wood