Cheapo Retro

Cheap Vintage and Retro

Stuff for scruffs, ragamuffins, vagabonds and urchins, punk dandies, hobbledehoys, tramps and vamps. Ripped, worn, loved and torn, faded and jaded for makers, fakers and recyclers, for performers of stage, festival or street.


Ladies Ladies 30 items

Gents Gents 10 items

Textiles Textiles 43 items

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Peasant Dress
Large Paisley Shirt Dress
Penny Plain Summer Dress
Flowery Straw Hat
Crepe Silk Dress
Pleats and Beads Summer Dress
Soft Velvet Dress
Vintage Pleated Day Dress
Vintage Tartan Coat
Pleated Linen
Vintage Etam
St Michael 2 Piece
Sixties Beaver Lamb Coat
Structured Petticoat
Pringle Maxi Skirt
Shetland Wool Jumper
Dr Martens
Turquoise Dress
Antique Silk Dress
Cotton Print Suit
Lace Fringed Pinny
Floppy Corduroy Coat
Silk Dressing Gown
Wool Tartan Shawl
Aircrew Coverall Mk14A
Wool Trousers with Braces
Wool Waistcoat
Harrington Jacket
Dunhill Merino Sweater
Pringle Sweater
Lambswool Scarf
Collarless Shirt
Original Tank Top
60's Curtain
1970's Fabric
50's Curtains
Sixties Bedspread
Modernist Print Remnant
1970's Fabric
Cotton/Silk Print
Sanderson Dimity Print Curtains
Colourful Remnant
Laura Ashley Print
Fifties Woven Curtains
Vintage Curtains
5th Avenue Designs
50's Bark Cloth Curtain
50's Blanket by Tetem
Vintage Curtain
70's Fibreglass Curtain
Vintage Fabric Scrap
Coarse Weave Fabric
Seventies Weave
Retro 70's Curtain
Tibor Reich Print
Bevis Vermont Print
College of Art Range